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In today's competitive sales market, accurate and targeted information is vital for a successful sales campaign. Practical Marketing will provide you with the products and services to grow your business. Our PDS system provides accurate information and qualified leads for sales teams in a variety of industries.

Practical Marketing can target market any potential clients in any industry. You'll find a proven source of responsive potential clients with our tailored enhancement data. Our lists are tele-matched, accurate and updated monthly. A monthly hotline is also available.

As a full service mailing list broker and manager, we can serve your every needs. Our staff is trained specifically to help you reach your sales goals. Our lists are designed for your companies specific needs. This will enable your company to target market more effectively as well as being cost efficient.

Why Practical Marketing?

  • Why should I go with Practical Marketing?
  • Answer
  • Practical Marketing has been in business over 15 years because we are commited to providing the most accurate, complete, and relevant data in the industry. We believe in building long term sustainable relationships with our clients.
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  • Why do clients stay with Practical Marketing?
  • Answer
  • Practical Marketing's PDS (Practical Data System) has proven, reliable results that have greatly increased our clients sales for over a decade.
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